Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vintage Patterns I Would Die For!

Style 2190
This dress is a absolute show stopper. When I first seen this dress thought it was an adorable after five dress. This dress transforms into more than one look, It is a basic sheath dress with an overskirt. I can just imagine  going to a party and wearing this dress, then taking the skirt off and  everybody thinking I changed my outfit.

This is the fantacy dress for a little kid. I am not the kind of person that buys tons of kids patterns. Why an I lying to myself. I never buy kids patterns, the only kids patters I own are the ones my litte sisters buy for me to sew for them. I would love to make this dress for one of my younger sisters when they have thier school baquets.

This pattern I can't wait to get my hands on. My favorite part of this pattern is the swirly top with the short pencil skirt. I think the whole outfit is so flattering. The reason why I like this pattern so much is because I never seen a top anything like the one in a picture.

This jacket should speak for itself. I think this pattern is so stylish and the color of the jacket is right on. It is defnitly a trendy coat that will never go out of fashion.


  1. Absolutely adore the kids dress! So cute!!!

  2. If you haven't already gotten it, i found the first dress

  3. Omg, thanks so much for posting the site! I am in love with the pattern. I will be purchasing it ASAP!