Saturday, October 1, 2011

Homework Craziness!

 I am so sorry for my blog lacking. All the homework I have been getting lately is driving me crazy! I never thought going to college was going to be so stressful and hard. I have a day to learn a new sewing technique, then a week to make the sample using the technique.
I had to have all these samples finished in a week.
 The hard part was all the sewing had to be at school.

Right now we are working on a skirt, this is the first skirt I ever made successfully. I could not be more proud of myself, all my seams are finished, I learned how to put in my first lapped zipper, and attach a waistband. Although I learned how to master some techniques, I need to practice on others, like my top stitching.
I know, I still have to iron the wrinkles out!

Ooh! Don't hurt your eyes looking at the topstiching.

I am almost done. The only thing left to do is all the hand sewing.