Friday, January 27, 2012

How I organize my muslin mock-ups/ Tutorial

Ever since I started college, I have a growing collection of muslin Mock-ups. I like to keep everything organized and together when I sew. Since I am a grab and go type girl, this works perfect for me. I have all the pattern pieces with the notes I need to sew it on the fashion fabric right at my hands.
Things you will need:
-muslin mock up
-sheet protectors
-sewing pattern
 -index cards

Step 1: Put the sewing pattern in a sheet protector.

Step 2:  Put on one side the index card the patten number and on the other side I put the pattern alterations.

Step 3: Last I put the index card in the sheet protector so the pattern number is showing. You can put the sheet protector on the hanger through one of the holes or pin it to the garment and hang it up.

This month I entered a giveaway on sew well blog for her one year blog anniversary and was ecstatic when I found out I  won. I won a beautiful OOP McCall pattern and two yards of black and white lightweight wool.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sewing 30 minutes a day- 2012 goal

My only new years resolution is to think less and sew more. I have spent to much time on the computer looking at patterns and dreaming of them being made and ready to wear in my closet. So I have been setting a goal to sew thirty minutes and if I missed a day an hour the next, so far it has been working well. I just got done sewing my first pants muslin. It did not go so well, but I made my self finish it any ways so I can learn from my mistakes. I really think every 30 minutes is bettering my sewing skills.