Saturday, October 1, 2011

Homework Craziness!

 I am so sorry for my blog lacking. All the homework I have been getting lately is driving me crazy! I never thought going to college was going to be so stressful and hard. I have a day to learn a new sewing technique, then a week to make the sample using the technique.
I had to have all these samples finished in a week.
 The hard part was all the sewing had to be at school.

Right now we are working on a skirt, this is the first skirt I ever made successfully. I could not be more proud of myself, all my seams are finished, I learned how to put in my first lapped zipper, and attach a waistband. Although I learned how to master some techniques, I need to practice on others, like my top stitching.
I know, I still have to iron the wrinkles out!

Ooh! Don't hurt your eyes looking at the topstiching.

I am almost done. The only thing left to do is all the hand sewing.


  1. Looks like you are doing great with the homework.. It just made me remember of the day I was in school! :)

  2. Thanks, everything was turned in on time. Even though the amount of homework I get can seem overwhelming, I enjoy eveyday of class!

  3. I need to follow your blog a lot more since I'm trying to teach myself fashion design without going to school and purchasing an corresponce course that really teaches you nothing. Are you using the sample workbook for "Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers"? And what are the samples shown?

  4. We use both of the books at school. The Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers is not hes easiest book to learn from but a lot of the techniques my teacher teaches us are straight out the book. First she read the instructions then demonstrates it. There are seven sewing samples in the picture:
    -1/4 seam closed
    -serge sample
    -1/2 serge seam
    -1/2 clean finish
    -1/2 seam closed
    -stitch length sample
    -1/2 serge seam closed.
    (I listed samples in the order of the picture.)

  5. Dream homework!!! I wish this was mine =[