Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pattern review: The curvy clutch/ Hand Felted clutch

I made this clutch in my textile class last year in December. I used the Curvy clutch pattern I found on Etsy to create it. I was so busy last year with finals that I never got to show off my work that I made in class.

Inspiration for clutch flap
Size: This Pattern was easy and quick to make. The pattern comes in three sizes small, medium, and large. I made the small clutch.
Fabric Used: I had so much fun creating this pattern. I hand felted the outer fabric for the clutch with Alpaca fibers. The inspiration for the flap design was a maze. I created it by cutting the design out of a sample piece of felt, then I needle felted the design to the clutch. The lining is quilting cotton from Joann's

Alteration: I changed the strap and sewn it to the clutch instead of  inserting a D-ring. I also did not do the top stitching because the fabric was to thick for my sewing machine.
In conclusion: The pattern is great for beginners. I would defiantly make it again in a satin or taffeta for special occasions.