Sunday, September 23, 2012


 This week I went thrifting for some furniture for my sewing/ bedroom. And Oh my gosh, I could not believe all the amazing things I found.  First I walked in the store and the first thing I seen was this lovely bookshelf. I purchased this bookshelf for only 18 dollars!

I loved their stash bin. The store had a small bin filled with fabric. I had went crazy, all the fabric was a dollar a yard.I felt like the luckiest girl in the world at that point. I purchased majority of the fabric that was there. Anyway here's everything I purchased.

I purchased my first knitting needles this week,because I have been learning how to knit at school. So I was excited when I ran across 4 bundles of yarn for 2 dollars at the thrift store.
Last I purchased this cute teddy bear tin.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Check out my etsy

I am currently selling vintage sewing patterns on Etsy for a reasonable price. I would love for you check it out.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Janome Sew Mini review

This is the Janome sew mini. This is a sewing machine my parents bought for my younger sister for Christmas. I use this machine to teach her how to sew. The sewing machine prices from 50-70 dollars.

- drop in bobbin
-4 Straight stitch lengths
- 3 zig-zag widths
-Straight stitch also available in left needle position.

Things I like...
-I like how light weight and portable this sewing machine is. This sewing machine is small enough to fit on my sisters desk and still have enough space to maneuver the fabric.

-The sewing machine is quiet.

-I does its job, the stitches are neat and the machine runs smoothly.

-Awesome beginners sewing machine, great for small projects.

- kid friendly, my 12 year old sister loves it and makes doll clothes all  the time on it!

Things I don't like...
-The stitches are very tiny. Stitch D looks like a basting stitch on the machine but I could not even get my seam ripper under it. I was very disappointed about the stitch length.

-  small foot petal. I wish they made it a little bigger.

-no seam guide

Update 2/27/2013
A year later the machine has stopped working; My sister was using the sewing machine daily to sew felt and cotton for her beginners sewing class.  I would recommend this sewing machine for scrapbooking and lightweight fabrics only.

Here is an image of the Stitches

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mccall 6327

This is McCall 6327  in view A. It is a simple elastic skirt with an asymmetrical overlay. This skirt is perfect for the spring/summer time.

Pattern size: I made a size 14, which is one size smaller than the recommended size on the envelope. The fit was perfect.

Fabric used: I found some lilac cotton from Joann's and thought it would be perfect for this skirt.

pattern alterations: There was no pattern alteration. This pattern was really quick and easy to sew. I finished the hem with a serged narrow hem.

Conclusion: This is cute and easy pattern to sew for the summer .  I enjoyed sewing it and will probably make in again in a print.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

College color blocked Jacket

  This is color blocked jacket I made for my school fashion show. The theme of the fashion show is 60's mod, which was the style I was trying to achieve with this jacket. I made this jacket from some mystery fabric at Walmart on sale for two dollars. The jacket was made from a size 10 sloper my teacher created. The only changes I did to the sloper was lengthen the jacket by six inches and add button loop.

Problem with the Jacket
The only problem I had was all the puckering in the sleeve area. Easing the sleeves was a pain in the butt.I had to ease the whole sleeve in to the armhole. I did everything I could think of to reduce the puckering. It was just way to much ease in the sleeve. Other than that, the jacket came together well.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Favorite Summer/Spring Patterns

This Summer/Spring I have have been amazed at how well the pattern companies are staying on trend. I have nothing to say but good tings about this seasons collection.

Let start with McCall's Patterns.

McCall 6569
  You can not start the summer without a great swim suit and I am in love with this one. This is McCall 6569 in view C.  What really draws me to this swimsuit is the rouching on the sides to help my slim out  problem areas.

McCall's 6562
This summer I have been obsessing over everything that is off the shoulder. I do not think I will make the views with the straps but I do want the other three views in my summer wardrobe. I am already imagining this top looking great with some bold  colored skinnies with a great pare of summer flats.
This is McCall's 6518 it is from their spring collection. I absolutely adore this dress , it is so sophisticated and flirty. One detail I really like about this dress is the waist band it really give the illusion of a smaller waist.

Simplicity Patterns

This top is so stylish. I love the shoulder details in view F. One of my biggest fears is sewing knits.Only thing I ever work with is woven fabrics. So hopefully It will work out well and I will be brave enough to sew this Pattern.

This dress was love at first sight for me. I have been searching everywhere for a cute party peplum dress pattern. I just love everything about this pattern. I love the shape of it and I think it would look really cool if it was made with an ombred satin or polyester.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My obsession

For some reason my mind never stops thinking about patterns. I can sit on the computer all day reading pattern reviews, searching for vintage patterns on Etsy and Ebay, looking on all the pattern sites deciding which patterns I will buy on the next sale.  I spend more time looking at patterns then actually sewing. I do not know if I have a problem but my family thinks I am obsessed with my patterns, which there right. I go crazy when my little sisters are looking at my pattern catalog and do not put in back where it belongs. The crazy part about my obsession is I will spend so much time day dreaming about patterns, but picky to buy. I am very selective. I have less than 100 patterns in my collection. I know I cannot be the only one like this. So do you spend more time looking at patterns or reading pattern reviews then actually sewing.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Simplicity 1970- Pleated Skirt

This is Simplicity 1970. This was my first pleated skirt I ever sewn. I made this pattern with some cotton I purchased from Walmart for two dollars. I did look at the reviews on patternreview before I sewn it and that helped a lot, since most of the reviews said this pattern run big. So I made it one size smaller and it fits perfectly. The only change I made to the pattern was not adding the side pockets, which was not intended. The only reason I did not sew on the side pocket because some where in the  processes of cutting out the pattern and laying it out, I lost the pattern piece. I am still satisfied with the finished result.

I finished the skirt with a rolled hem.

Friday, January 27, 2012

How I organize my muslin mock-ups/ Tutorial

Ever since I started college, I have a growing collection of muslin Mock-ups. I like to keep everything organized and together when I sew. Since I am a grab and go type girl, this works perfect for me. I have all the pattern pieces with the notes I need to sew it on the fashion fabric right at my hands.
Things you will need:
-muslin mock up
-sheet protectors
-sewing pattern
 -index cards

Step 1: Put the sewing pattern in a sheet protector.

Step 2:  Put on one side the index card the patten number and on the other side I put the pattern alterations.

Step 3: Last I put the index card in the sheet protector so the pattern number is showing. You can put the sheet protector on the hanger through one of the holes or pin it to the garment and hang it up.

This month I entered a giveaway on sew well blog for her one year blog anniversary and was ecstatic when I found out I  won. I won a beautiful OOP McCall pattern and two yards of black and white lightweight wool.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sewing 30 minutes a day- 2012 goal

My only new years resolution is to think less and sew more. I have spent to much time on the computer looking at patterns and dreaming of them being made and ready to wear in my closet. So I have been setting a goal to sew thirty minutes and if I missed a day an hour the next, so far it has been working well. I just got done sewing my first pants muslin. It did not go so well, but I made my self finish it any ways so I can learn from my mistakes. I really think every 30 minutes is bettering my sewing skills.