Monday, August 22, 2011

First day of college

  Today was the first day of my fashion class at Harper college. Although it was the first day, it was anything but easy. The class was four hours, so there was ample time today to jump in to the sewing lesson. For the first two hours if felt like time was moving slow. She had the she read over four syllabuses about the class. It was interesting to hear everybody story. After lunch is where the fun began. The teacher taught us how to rip fabric and had us ripping a yard of fabric in to 5x9 squares for sample fabric. Omg, I loved this project just so I can release some of my anger out on that fabric. I am eager to start sewing next week. They are going to educate us on how to sew to use an industrial machine .


  1. cool! my aunt worked for london fog so she was so use to working on an industrial sewing machines that she didn't like regular sewing.

  2. How cool is this! Please keep us updated,would love to hear more about your classes!