Thursday, November 10, 2011

Huge update/ haul

  I have been so busy lately, In two week I have been sewing a muslin blouse for school. This was defiantly a project for me because I had so many firsts. I learned how to do a Hong-Kong seam finish, put in a 6-step buttonhole and sew a collar in. I learned things I have not tried before.I wish I had took pictures before I turned it in, but my camera was down.  The good news is I finally got the grade for my skirt this week and I scored a high B.  In class we are currently working on making a little black dress. I am thrilled because this is our first project we are making out of fashion fabric. I will be updating you guys through the process.

Now for the haul:
 I had shopped at Joann's, Walmart and Vogue this week looking for the greatest deals on fabric and notions, and this is what I found.

This fabric is so beautiful. I fell in love with it the moment I seen it. I really want to make a blazer or Burda 7460.
price- $4.99 a yard

I purchased 2.5 yards of this black poplin for the little black dress I am making at school.
Price- $2.99 a yard

This was some navy blue denim I found in the remnants section at Vogue.
1.5 yards for $4.50

 I plan on making a cute summer blouse with this fabric.
I purchased 2 yards for $1.30 a yard.

This is a nude colored cotton I bought from Walmart for $2.00 a yard.
The nude colored lining was on sale for a dollar a yard so I picked up 4 yards.

Last week I purchased three patterns when they were on sale. This was one of my most exciting purchases because I found an OOP pattern.

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