Monday, April 30, 2012

Janome Sew Mini review

This is the Janome sew mini. This is a sewing machine my parents bought for my younger sister for Christmas. I use this machine to teach her how to sew. The sewing machine prices from 50-70 dollars.

- drop in bobbin
-4 Straight stitch lengths
- 3 zig-zag widths
-Straight stitch also available in left needle position.

Things I like...
-I like how light weight and portable this sewing machine is. This sewing machine is small enough to fit on my sisters desk and still have enough space to maneuver the fabric.

-The sewing machine is quiet.

-I does its job, the stitches are neat and the machine runs smoothly.

-Awesome beginners sewing machine, great for small projects.

- kid friendly, my 12 year old sister loves it and makes doll clothes all  the time on it!

Things I don't like...
-The stitches are very tiny. Stitch D looks like a basting stitch on the machine but I could not even get my seam ripper under it. I was very disappointed about the stitch length.

-  small foot petal. I wish they made it a little bigger.

-no seam guide

Update 2/27/2013
A year later the machine has stopped working; My sister was using the sewing machine daily to sew felt and cotton for her beginners sewing class.  I would recommend this sewing machine for scrapbooking and lightweight fabrics only.

Here is an image of the Stitches


  1. This looks a lot like the machine I learnt to sew on! Its strange that the stitches are so small though! How big is "A" if the longest is so tiny?

    (New follower from down-under)

    1. I have a Kenmore and I would compare stitch D to a 1/1.5 stitch length. I never used stitch A because the needle would get jammed between the fabric and the machine. If you are using the machine for scrapbooking or crafting the stitches are longer closer to the sizes in the picture. I will make a blog on the stitch length so you see the stitches on fabric vs paper.

  2. hi

    does anyone know why the needle wont pick up the bobbin cotton it did once now its stopped any ideas ????

  3. I had a similar problem with the machine. Make sure the bobbin is in counterclockwise and the thread is pulled through the bobbin tension guide. Also check and see if you threaded the needle correctly. I hope this Helps.

  4. I have tried absolutely everything I have taken bobbin holder out and everything, the bobbin holder case spins when you take the case out but the bobbin cotton just doesnt go anywhere near where the needle can pick it up. It worked fine then just stopped picking it up frustrated any more help would be appreciated

  5. Charlotte, have you tried replacing the neddle. It could also be that the hook timing is off. If thats the problem you would need to take it to a Janome dealer and have them fix it.

  6. thanks Ille give that a try