Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sewing 30 minutes a day- 2012 goal

My only new years resolution is to think less and sew more. I have spent to much time on the computer looking at patterns and dreaming of them being made and ready to wear in my closet. So I have been setting a goal to sew thirty minutes and if I missed a day an hour the next, so far it has been working well. I just got done sewing my first pants muslin. It did not go so well, but I made my self finish it any ways so I can learn from my mistakes. I really think every 30 minutes is bettering my sewing skills.


  1. That's a great resolution and one which can be kept. Have fun!

  2. You'll be surprised the amount you get done in little spurts of time. There are some days that I say I will only do a few minutes and it ends up being a couple of hours, but I enjoy it so much. Hope your successful with your plans and I'll be watching for what you whip up.

  3. Thanks, Sewing beyond the thirty minutes happens to me a lot. Sometimes I get so caught up in sewing that I don't want to stop.

  4. Sewing is just soo... very addictive...
    good resolution.
    keep up the good work

    I am following your blog now..
    hope you will check out my blog too

  5. I love this resolution!! I think I might try this too!

  6. SewCool, how's that 30 minutes a day going so far?